Brian Roche is at times a composer, musician, artist, writer and chef. Those are his passions. To support himself over the years he has held at least fifty jobs, from waiting tables to apple picking, from record-store clerk to taxi driving, from shoveling snow to Anthropology researcher. He plays guitar, sitar, keyboards and woodwinds (recorder, clarinet, sax and bassoon).

He works in all kinds of artistic media, from absolutely controlled pen-and-ink drawings (Untitled Nudes, 1999, 2006 and 2009) to black and white photography (Winter 2008) to abstract digital painting (Spring, Summer, Fall and Big Skies 2009).

His "Ephemeris - Music of the Spheres" has been recorded five times. His CD catalogue now features 71 titles, including works for classical and 12-string guitar, sitar, piano, synthesizer, orchestra as well as live free improvisation and a virtual random jazz band.

He is currently working on a new CD of music by J.S. Bach for classical guitar and orchestra, a collection of Scott Joplin Ragtime for two guitars and an album of Jazz Ballads.

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